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Air Ducts

Air duct cleaning involves specialized tools that dislodge and remove dirt and debris from air delivery systems.

Duct cleaning also involves a thorough sanitizing process to clean the various components of your air system.

A healthy indoor environment contributes to productivity, comfort and a sense of well being.

Good indoor air quality includes control of airborne contaminants, maintenance of acceptable temperature and relative humidity, introduction and distribution of adequate ventilation.

We care about the air you breathe.


Brand new, truck mounted system.

All prices include pre-treatment (bidegradable enzymes, no harm to pets or children).

Deep steam cleaning is always included.

We will move your basic sized furniture to and from it’s original position, with it’s proper protection, ensuring your carpet dries properly.

Ask us about our pet odor eliminator/deodorizer enzyme and scotch guard (carpet protectant)

Area Rugs

Dry cleaning and submerging options are available.


Cleaning your upholstery removes allergens, reduces allergy symptoms, helps your fabric last longer, sanitizes your fabric, cleans up bodily soils & helps your fabric look and feel new!

Ask us about dry cleaning and scotch guard.

Tile & Grout

Our 5 Step Process:

1. Pre-treat the grout lines.
2. Scrub the grout lines.
3. Agitate the grout lines with our low powered floor machine.
4. Blast the dirt away with our truck mounted adaptor system (includes high powered jets and suction).
5. Mop your floor with a neutral floor cleaner, to leave your floors with a natural shine.

Sealant is also available.

Deep Cleanings

Floor Maintinence

Tile & Grout Sealing

Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Post Construction


Green Cleaning


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